Mu Online - Soon will open a new server first 12 of the season and part begins

April 11 the company announced that Abzan Mmorabg Mu Online will release the latest update of the content - April 25 is the first part of the season, 12 players will be able to find a new site entirely Nexis Lake and fight with the Knicks boss to visit. Nexis is the reservoir of the finest on the continent of Mu, and will be monitored by the spirits of mermaids and, of course, the last coach of the Knicks. In addition to the new card in the game will be a new shield of the holy angels and angel arms of darkness.

To make sure to get the players more familiar with the next update, I spent two videos that tell the story of the new world developers. Additionally, pre-registration service unit Mu opened new Oonlen Fanahaam. From today until April 24, the players will be able to apply useful prizes and receive for running a comfortable start to the new server. The opening directly on 25 April.

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