MU Legend: open beta this summer begins as a soft launch

In the summer, will open beta launch of MU to his legend, and so is another step towards their release.

MU Legend developers fanbase you have a reason for joy. As now announced, the action RPG is going to open testing phase this summer. For a long time you do not have to wait for the hack and kill as Mamo is to play for you and your friends in an open beta MU Legend Zen.

Open beta for MU Legend will be available in six languages, including German and English will. Richard Moon of Abzan looking forward to the test phase: "After the official launch of the Korean version, we are happy to share this news with a global audience." It is a great milestone for the team, and finally open beta access to them.

And use the remaining months to adjust the remaining new features. These include the National Trade Council, and the fight against the protection of plant varieties in 3 vs. 3 mode, and much more.

Although the start of the open beta of the myth of MU is now expected, some players complain about a long test phase. Following complaints, the team writes that they prefer to take the time instead of doing something. "It was the first closed beta five months ago, and we make sure that the players do not have to wait for a long time and will announce more news in the coming weeks."

On the Facebook page of MU Legend, the team announced that you create a new character for the open beta. Then there will no longer survey.

This is a good reason for many of the players to put more energy into open beta, because you can keep your characters and then continue to play the game published.