MU legend - and a new MMO with slight learning curve

MU Legend is the new MMORPG from WEBZEN, has introduced mu online, sometimes "MU 2." And it comes with one of the easiest learning curve in the game currently, so you can quickly jump into the game and get to work - without spending hours trying to figure out how everything works.

Class description and analysis

The first thing to be dealt with in the game is to pick up your class. It comes with a base we used types (separation of the melee, magic and ranged), but it goes beyond that. In fact, provides a description of each class first in various types of content, as well as the different playing styles (called "tactics") and analyzes. Includes information, such as the main weapon of the type and key statistics you want, skills and efficiency in the attack, HP, and the content of the group. Once you create your character and get to the game, and ask one of the tactics you want to use and helps to prepare things for this style. Of course you can also use this if you want more control over your character.

There are hard lessons

Tutorial gives you a look somewhat at a high level in how your character and how to go about navigating the world, with the backing of the crowd as you play. Each of the very difficult encounters, but this solid screen that allows you to quickly determine whether you're playing, so you will enjoy, as well as right takes you into the middle of the battle busy garden, so you can drop on the labor market. It only takes a few minutes, but you need to understand the movement, attacking style, and so by the end of it.

Navigating the map - Questing & Travel

Probably one of the most beneficial aspects of casual Mo myth is that it makes traveling very, very simple. When an active search, you can hit M to open the map and see where to go and what to do, which is common. However, you can then right at the place where you should go and follow the game automatically, that there - you do not turn back and manually intervene again / turn in quests / kill things. This saves a lot of time, especially if you need to take a trip. Stored couple of minutes at a time can be used for any other place! Although they select the tracks, you can see the processing elements, and explore other menus, or anything else he would like to do. Or if you want to work in all parts of yourself, it is possible as well!

fragmented world

The game is set in the preparation of the segmented map. What this means is that instead of having one of the cabinet (like Rift, Terra, or World of Warcraft), you can skip from one area to another on a much smaller portions. This is in every dungeon and open world, so if you are traveling than ever before for a few minutes, you're probably going to the door that takes you to reach a new area of ??the world. This also strengthens keep the quest log, which allows you to keep track of all tasks at once, or only those who are in the area of ??the map you. Even the entrance section lets you know exactly what needs to happen so that you can get them without the need to schedule really tracks need.

easy to start Mechanics

At least in the beginning of the game and the mechanics of the enemy is very easy to handle. It is more based only attack without real consideration of what your enemy is doing, and as you progress, start there a few fights where you have to have the red zone ( "fire", or Levi) under control . This can be a small unforgiving sometimes simple but to a certain extent, therefore, to pick up a very simple process. That said, more battles are likely to go more things in the back of the monitor, but do not seem to be a game to add slowly, making the learning curve dramatically.

A large part of the instructions, menus

As you work your way through the game, and he does a great job at explaining the new things you can do and how things work. If you have forgotten than ever about anything (like magic levels and assigning skill points), this is not a problem - it always gives you a heads up on the bottom of the screen to remind you. This kind of thing huge, because it is easy to get lost in the vastness of most games. After that remind you about the various functions is a great way to ensure that you are always on top of everything, when it comes to your progress. After all, it's easy to get behind - located especially if you end up taking a break at some point.

Takeaway year

If you’re looking for a game that removes a lot of the normal stresses of MMORPGs, such as having to keep running back and forth between NPCs, involved battle styles, remembering game features, etc., Mu Legend is definitely a great contender. It’s quick to get up and running in, and is a solid choice for those that are looking for something a bit more casual and easygoing.