MU Legend celebrates Valentine beta display

MU Legend of the adulation of the bold to prove accession of the additional bankrupt beta on February 21, and it offers 2 beta keys instead of one accomplished week.

When the actual barrage of the additional bankrupt beta, the aggregation MU believes in the allegory that the anniversary of Eid lovers bigger to do a bisected to play. Players can participate in this accident by traveling to the official Facebook page.

This is the additional bankrupt beta will focus on the accomplishing of localization, which agency that for the aboriginal time, the bold is accessible in English, but aswell German, French, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese.

This appearance will yield a new analysis from 21 to 28 February 2017. This is an befalling for players to acquisition abounding opportunities for MU legend, including the three systems accommodate anniversary of which offers audible improvements.

Experience: This arrangement automatically raises your appearance backdrop by accustomed out the tasks to analyze the dungeons and annihilate the enemies.

Water Scale: it improves in the aforementioned address as the akin of expertise, but allows acquiescent abilities backdrop of their own aptitude tree.

Account: it is accompanying to the akin of the body of all the characters account, and alms a accolade for all characters.

Webzen acquiescently invites you to the players who accept not yet registered on the official website to do so in adjustment to accompany the adventitious in their mother tongue.

Said Richard Moon, administrator of all-around business assemblage Webzen said: "This new appearance of beta, and we wish to ensure that France, Poland, Spain, Portugal, Germany players accept the adventitious to analyze the MU Legend in each" afore continuing: "brings bounded versions of our admirers clearly expects appear appellation is an agitative adventure. "