MU Legend Open Beta is now live with a new trailer

This event is the highlight of a trip for a period of one year, alternated with two tests beta and stress test being closed as they started preparations for launching one of the most predictable of Abzan games.

He added Dennis Sebulka, Director of Operations of Abzan Dublin, on this occasion: "The launch of the game is always high for a moment to live where the collisions with hundreds of emotions, and here, in the play" Opops Kostig "I like this -" strange variety of wonderful moods ": cold chills make excitement of the hairs to mountains, adding the edge of the hectic rhythm finger tapping on the usual - still fail to lose - and the hearts and hit faster than usual now, fun begins for the mass and completely focuses our attention on making the game an unforgettable experience even Alan.nhn excited players To instantly experience the passion that we have recorded in MU Legend and look at it out to see them all the game. "

The open beta is a "step preparation of the past", the players will retain all game data (numbers, purchases, items, etc.), even after a day of official release.

Players no longer have to worry about any wipes data can now take a lot of time because they need to explore the deep content that the game explores. With a clear indication, there is no internet at or after the Ubuntu period.

Although every game content is available today, there are other extensions that are already in the pipeline.

Developers plan to publish updates and additions on a regular basis with 3V3 combat element, the first update by the end of the year. This feature provides a dynamic PVP environment, with strategy and team coordination. Another new content, including land wars, will arrive soon.

In addition, thousands of players are scheduled to receive the first private addresses and granted to participate in cash transfers based on stress testing. Team MU Legend has announced that these signs of recognition will be delivered to those pioneers early on November 14, 2017.

The team finally made comments: "It was almost impossible to dream MU Legend This solution - more than ten years after MU Legend's launch - without the support of the fans, and we would like to express our warmest thanks to our qualities all players who have continued faith in this dream, and hope they will enjoy the game as well as development. "