MU Online Web Experience - Modern Graphic Technology

Following the 3D Engine Model Dev Online provides superior graphics quality from images to effects to brightness and fire modes.

Recently, NPH VNG has officially opened MU Online Web welcome gamers. At present, Vietnamese gamers can freely register their account to try out this online game.

MU Online Web tracked the original story of MU and can be considered a relatively complete Web version. The game builds a vast and dark world where players will have to train themselves against the evil forces.

In the creation of the character, players will be selected the familiar class is Dark Knight (DK), Dark Wizard (DW), Fairy Elf and Summoner. It is still unclear if the Dark Lord class can be unlocked after reaching level 250 as originally stated. Of course, different character classes will have different potential gains, for example the Dark Knight needs a lot of power, while the Fairy Elf gains a quick gain. This is also a familiar feature of the MU game in general.

Not only that, when joining the MU Online Web you will have a very familiar feel from the scene map Lorencia, Davias, Noria to the Burman, Necessity, Champagne. Along with that is the fire arena Devil Square, Blood Castle .. reminiscent of many memories in the past.

About the gameplay, MU Online Web still take the basic game is self-type auto, the task to level players through which unlock new features. The initial moment is quite simple gamer almost just a click away. Playing around at level 120 speeds slow down the task and by this time the player will have to level the monster. Besides, after level 400, the Masterskill system will open up the power of the character.

MU Online Web site is relatively well-developed, especially the graphics are relatively close, close to the game online MU. Following the 3D Engine Model Dev Dev Online provides superior graphics quality from images to effects to brightness and fire modes. In addition, the game's sound system is also extremely standard, making the game feel lively and alive.

In general, MU Online Web is considered the most complete and complete version of MU Online PC before from the map system, to the features and the plot with the story has almost gone into the mystery. phone. However, everything is simplified in the Web version when gamers will not have to download the game as a traditional installation.