MU Legend - Items of groups are linked to a single character

Team of the International Version of the MMORPG MU Legend can tell the players about the content of groups of founders. Now, thanks to the new instructions, I found some new details.

The gold subscription is obtained for € 5, platinum subscription - for € 10. After the open beta test, which starts on November 7th, there will be no survey. Using the auction, you can convert the currency into the game to premium services. Simply put, you do not really need to spend money to get the redesign MU Legend Zen.

Standard wings give the hero a great boost to the features, and you can not buy them for Travel or other currencies. Only such object is obtained in the game (for example by drawing up). The premium wings have at least slightly higher qualities, but they are weaker than the standard (type of leather). Pets are not injured, so do not worry about their survival.

The wings of the set can equip each class (but you can not put them in another hero). Please note that the objects of the set are linked to a single letter.