Faronnia MU 10 years later, the game server is emulated and redesigned game

Faronnia MU is a classic RPG experience, many inspired by Diablo games, over 400 monsters and NPCs, epic gear and looting, remastered maps, advanced vaardigheidsleer and equalization system, extensive guild and crowd content, a unique and easy to use crafting system, group assignments And events, wings and pets, unique PvP events and epic multiplayer games that require team play to ensure success. We have spent a lot of time learning the fine craftsmanship of MU Online(MU Legend Zen) Adventure and Manipulation and Guaranteeing the Best MU Online Private Server There, Point!

This is the ultimate old school hack & slash, dungeon crawl action-RPG experience!

Hope you will find time for us to be something special.

The Faronnia MU-2 is 100% of the game, with no prize subscriptions and no real currency exchange in stores.

There are five playable characters:

- Dark Wizard (magic class, two developments)

- Night knight (melee in class, two developments)

- Fairy Elf (Ranger and Support Class 2 Evolution)

- Magic Gladiator (melee and magic class, one evolution)

- Dark Lord (unique command category, one evolution)